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Yeosu VIP Resorts Masterplan

대한민국 전라남도 여수시

Project Description

In this site, space can capture the splendid beauty of the archipelago reflecting the natural scenery of Yeosu seen from Hwayang district. As connecting between islands and islands, it was intended to present the spatial aesthetics of the space and various experiences through ‘superposition-ed’ spaces. As the name of the place name Hwayand means, it created a resort where people can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Namhae, which spreads like a korean-style ink painting in anywhere.

Project Details

Project Type

Resorts & Museum


56,734 ㎡





Ji Eun Lim, Ku Hun Chung

Partner in Charge

Design Team


Project Location

대한민국 전라남도 여수시

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