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Adama Science And Technology University Renovation

Adama, 에티오피아

Project Description

Adama University was assigned to be a dedicated Science and Technology University and had been transformed into Adama Science and Technology University. In order to promote technology-based development, building needs improvement by supplying necessary equipment including capacity building. So this is a renovation project according to the equipment selection plan for operating 5 major subjects in the newly constructed Research Building 1&2 research facilities.

Project Details

Project Type

School Renovation


30,825㎡(6개 건물)





Ji Eun Lim, Ku Hun Chung (Tune Architects) + Haeahn Architecture

Partner in Charge

Design Team

Ye Eun Lee, Kyunghee Nam, Hyerim Kim

Project Location

Adama, 에티오피아

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